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Poems by my friends and (if you people are lucky and i can find one that dosnt suck) by me
Poems by my friends and (if you people are lucky and i can find one that dosnt suck) by me

"A Glorious Darkness"
The darkness is a beautiful thing,
It's stars so bright and gleaming but ever so strange
The coldness of your cheek,
Slightly burning but nothing you mind.
It's painful to look at the moon knowing its evil glare,
But even though you don't want to you begin to stare.
You do and you are hypnotized by its beams, so bright and vibrant as you watch gleam.
But alas come dawn the night has passed and all that is left is go on with life. By Brandon

Have you ever just felt so alone and unloved, but you knew you have everything? Have you ever been in a crowded room but felt like no one was there? Have you ever sat there and cried until you fell asleep? Have you ever locked your self in a room and screamed until you passed out. Do you know how it feels to lose your mind? I feel so crazy. I cant stop this I cant control it anymore. I'm so empty and so weak. I cant fight this anymore. I'm ready to let go. I'm ready to leave. Nothing makes sense anymore and I'm just so fucking sick of it. There's nothing left to keep me from falling apart.For now I'll just bottle it up smile and pretend it's all okay. I'm so tired of doing this.

I can't believe you havn't figured it out yet. You've been looking for so long. I dont know why it's too late now. She's still there crying over you. She's still there fallen, broken, bleeding right where you left her.She's dying over you and no one can save her. Walk away like you always do. Don't worry about her anymore. You've hurt her enough.

What is it I've become? Why am I the disapointment? I am the Bastard I am the Bitch of everyone I am The Queer I am the Fag I am every thing that you hate I am everything that you wish you could kill I have become this thing this monster.....I have become your worst enemy and my own....I am what I hate most about this world. What have I done to you? Why has this happened? I am everything you have ever hated I am your worst fears brought to life I am everything you have ever cared about I am every lie you ever told I am every heart you have ever broken I am every person you have ever fucked I am everyone you have ever killed...I am every tear you have ever cried I am scar you made apon your body I am every smile that has crossed your lips. I am every girl you never kissed. I am every thing you wish you could be. I am every scream you never heard. I am your past I am your future. I am your life I am your death....I am your own private suicide... I am your own mind turning against you I am what has driven you to this...I am your own thoughts...You did this......We did this...I'm sorry it had to be this way...


Every time you say i love you each scar disapears every time you forget me another wound apears(i think i got this right) -Mandy

Can you hear me? Have you forgotten? It's so cold, so dark, but I see you. You are with her. You are sheltering her from the cold. You are holding her like you used to hold me. You say you havn't forgotten me, you say you still love me. I'm your best friend until she comes along. Then you ignore me. When she's around I don't exist.

You can wash the blood away
You can cover up what you've done
You can cry until there's nothing left
You can scream until your voice stops
But it won't stop the pain
It won't change your world
Please stay Please try
I need you here
You've become submissive and quiet
That's not you
I know you can get better
I know you can live through this
You can stop yourself
You can learn to love
You can live your life
You can heal the pain

i look into your eyes and see the pain of this world reflect back at me but then i remember why im here and thats to live a life of sin and correct your mistakes because it seems like you just dont care anymore but then i think why should i i think my life is putride when i look into your ever evil eye.

Am I just your cheap whore? Am I just someone you kiss when she isnt around? Do you just pretend to love me to get what you want? Do you just tell me what you think I want to hear to keep me there? Do you even know what you want? Am I your anything? Why do you put me through this? I love you......I dont want to be your whore anymore....I dont want to be your slut...I just want you....the real you...to be with you...for real this time...forever....this time I hate thinking like this I love you but why do I feel like your whore?